Peace in dogster

Buddy, PBL

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Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 1:16pm PST 
Now that we have a nice sized group we can begin to work for peace. Lets start with dogster!snoopy We could check dogs pages looking for stuff you can get banned for. An easy way to do this is to use the advanced search, like hitting all the Quick Bio stuff and then seaching. Its sad how many people make joke pages.
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the wild one
Barked: Tue Apr 17, '07 8:52am PST 
We found a fake page the other day and reported it. It was pretty sad to see that people will take pictures off of other sites and create phony dog pages!! What is with people!!! I will keep my eyes open! Thanks for the great group!
Peggy Sue

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Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 2:34pm PST 
I will be checking too. I've heard of the fake pages but have never seen one personally.

Buddy, PBL

&hearts PEANUT- BUTTER &hearts
Barked: Sun May 20, '07 12:03pm PST 
GO TEAM! cheer