Cows are great but.....

Maisy- Blossom

"Crazy Maisy"
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 7:55pm PST 
I AM NOT A MOO COW. I don't moo, I don't eat grass (well..sometimes I do) I don't give milk, so WHY does my family keep calling me moo cow?

I think it's because I'm so cute!
Why do you call YOUR dog a Moo Cow??

Love Maisy Blossom

Made of spare- parts!
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 10:20pm PST 
Maisy, you are ADORABLE.

My mommy calls me a moo cow because I make the funniest noises because I am part bulldog. And because I have spots like a cow! She says I am part cow, pig, goat, chicken and turkey. But mostly cow!

I wuv my bobo :)
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 5:20pm PST 
My mommy saw a show on TV once that had a "mary moo cow" in it, and so she just had to adapt the name for me. I also have a cute stuffed cow toy that has the same spots as me! I always graze in our yard so that adds to my cowliness. Oh one more thing- when i howl, I sound like I'm sawing amooo instead of awooo- BOllaugh out loud


Where's my- backpack?
Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 4:30am PST 
Well, my mom says I'm Maddie Moo Cow because I guess I eat or can eat ALOT! I can't help it that I'm always ready to eat! All food is good food. I will even chow down on grass as I guess cows do.shrug From what I hear, I'm pretty big too. And from what I've seen, cows are big, however, much bigger than I am.

Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 6:50am PST 
I'm Maggie Moo Cow. I come to "Moo" and "Cow". I eat everything in sight and Mommy says I walk like a cow. I just take my good old time, no need to rush to do anything. I've never seen a cow though, so I can't say whether I am a cow or not. But I like horses. Maybe I'm a horse.

Did you say- "Ball?"
Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 12:09pm PST 
BOL. I eat grass. I'm not talking nibbles. I yakk up 4 inch high piles of grass! Plus I like to eat, and I've got cowspots on my belly!!! Hooray Cowdogs!

Barked: Fri Apr 20, '07 5:23pm PST 
My Mommy called me Daisy Moo Cow cuz of my marking as well as how much i eat and yes grass to at time BOL But i don Moo i woof thinking
Silly Mommy's snoopy

Puppy Love
Daisy and Tammy

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Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 2:11pm PST 
That's how I got my name - a little cow - that's me! laugh out loud