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Barked: Fri Apr 13, '07 11:39pm PST 
Mother's Day is May 13, 2007

The Second Annual "We Love Mom 07" contest is starting. Last years event was so much fun with many wonderful prizes.

We don't have a prize list formed yet for this year, but you can go ahead and start entering your photos.

* One photo per pet, that has your mommy in it. If you don't have a mommy, then a sister, grandma, auntie will do.

* Must be a photograph, not a photoshopped one.

*No animations or decorations allowed. Just a photograph taken of you and mommy. That means, no frames, letterings, words, etc.

* Grand Prize ~ Best in Show
~ a Star
* First Place
~ a Blue Rosette
* Second Place
~ a Red Rosette
* Third Place
~ a Pink Rosette
* Fourth Place
~ a White Rosette
*Fifth Place - Tenth Place
~ Donated Rosettes by...
Prizes to be added as time moves forward.
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Prize Donations

If anyone would like to donate their hand made Bling, treats, outfits, etc...send me a pmail with information. I will be doing some searching also, like last year.

Dads, don't fear, the Second Annual "We Love Dad 07" Contest will be coming just in time for Father's Day, so be taking those photos!

Wags n Licks,
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Prize Donations & By Whom
Sassy and their website (Sassy Petwear) will be donating this outfit for a pretty little pup; outfit w/matching leash and collar.
http://cgi.ebay.com/Dog-clothes-HARNESS-custo m-sailor-shirt-AND-hat-set_W0QQitemZ120107098521QQihZ002QQcategoryZ6 6767QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem
http://cgi.ebay.com/Do g-Dress-clothes-CUSTOM-FIT-4-PC-SAILOR-DRESS-SET_W0QQitemZ1201075190 26QQihZ002QQcategoryZ66767QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem
Thank You, Sassy & Mommy from Sassy Petwear! This will be awarded to the Grand Prize Winner, unless it's not won by a small dog. This Prize will go to (1) Small dog, male or female in a Top Prize placement.
Autumn and her family are donating (2) Rope Toys & (1) Frisbee.
Braxton and his family are donating a Gift Pack of their Homemade Treats. Flavors: Peanut Butter, Charob, Apple-Oatmeal and Pumpkin. No Wheat or Artificle flavors and there will be ingredients listed with the treats.
There will be Anonymous Donations to be announced soon. Anonymous it shall remain, so don't try to bribe the hostess *wink*
Thank you for the donations! We sure appreciate your help! xoxo

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Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 2:57am PST 
Sounds like a fun contest! I hafta get mommy to take a piccie with me so we can join, too! smile
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Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 7:16am PST 
Thanks, Deuce! We added our picture to the Stroll!!