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Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 12:10pm PST 
My mommy can't let me off leash because i enjoy wandering... and don't like to come back until i am good and ready!!! We have seen people who can let their terriors off leash and we were wondering if many other people are able to let their terriers off leash with out any problems like wandering or just dissappearing?

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Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 7:44pm PST 
Well Timmy, how's your recall? That is the MOST important thing with terriers I think who are going off leash. Mine is ok...but I do like to wander... But mom practices all the time...see, I LOVE treats! cookies, rollovers, you name it, I eat it! So she makes sure her pockets are full, and that she lets me know she has some juicy treats. so when I go off and explore, or play, she can call me and I know she's got treats, I come running! YUM!! I get some everytime!! dancing

So practice in your home first, then your backyard (if you have one...) then slowly start at a park on leash...then move up to the off leash!

GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted on your progress!!

I just want to- do what i want- to do! :)
Barked: Tue Apr 10, '07 12:38pm PST 
Thank you Simba! My mommy is going to try that smile !!! I hope to be allowed to play with my friends off leash eventually!!! snoopy

Timmy xxx

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Barked: Thu Apr 12, '07 12:44pm PST 
It takes alot of work to get them to stick around.... clicker training is great there isn't another sound like it.
My pack all scatter in different directions when I let them out the back door. Each one has a different whistle that I do for them so they know who I am talking to be what whistle.

It takes alot of practice practice practice.... key words an tones mean alot too.

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Barked: Tue Apr 17, '07 9:42am PST 
My sister and I love to run around off leash!!
Mom has practiced a lot with us and we come running because we know there will be a treat payoff and you can pretty much get me to do anything for a treat.
The only places we can really go off leash though is in a dog park or far enough off a road that we wouldn't run into it chasing something. We're pretty good girls, but a squirrel would win out over a treat!

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well my mama likes to let her babes off leash too. She has been working on my recall in the backyard and the house and since I have been doing so well, allowed me off leash the last two times we went out. I mostly follow my big brother around, but did take off to play with two poms the other dayred face Mama was not happy and I had to sit down and let her put my leash back on.


Its all a matter of bonding, training and consistency. As a new terrier mom, I have found that if you give an inch, they take 10 miles!! when I do let Venninne off leash, I call her back about every two minutes, just to see if she'll come, when she does she gets a treat and lots and lots of praise. If she doesn't (and I have to go get her) she gets put back on the leash and has to watch the other dogs go. So far this is working just great. We've only had our Venninne for coming on two weeks and so far she is doing really well for her recallcheer
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Well, Timmy, neither one of my mommys terriers(Welsh or Lakeland) could be off a leash. Of course we were not fixed either. I dont think that really had much to do with it though. All I know is that mommy told me that when ever the front door opened RANGER was out if they were not careful. I am in tune with when someone is going to the door. So far I have not made it out. DARN!!! I know that my mommy wishes that I would just stay by my side if out, but I dont know if she wants to risk that or not!

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Actually not being fixed has a lot to do with it. Dogs who are intact have a much stronger desire to wander away!!
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I have owned dogs for the last 18 years and have had a yorkie that I could leave off the leash and trust him. I was very blessed not to have not one incident with him but was stupid to take the chance. It was not my yorkie that would've been the prob but another dog off leash that did not have manners. What if a Rot or Doberman was roaming the neighborhood(dug his way out of the yard) and attacked my yorkie? What kind of protection am I providing for my helpless dog? It would've killed my dog and severly messed me up too.

Recall is for the purpose of calling your dog if he accidentally got out of the yard, not to hang out infront of the house while you are washing the car. Please with all do respect, think about what you are doing.

Last week I was walking my TFT on leash and so happen to have my keys on me which has mace on it, when a big dog came charging us. I picked up Sam not knowing what this dog was doing(strange dog to me and Sam not to be trusted). The owner of the dog slowly came to the rescue but I asked him to get his dog under control quickly b/c I did not know his intentions and the owner did not seem to alarmed. I didn't know the owner either. I told the owner that I would mace his dog if he did not get him under control immediately. I was upset b/c I did not want to mace the dog and almost had to b/c of his inconsiderate owner. The next time I will mace the owner instead for his ignorance.

Please people think b4 you put your animals in a situation that could be deadly and regretful.