I would like to introduce myself......

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Rocky - 1997 - 2010

I love my- family!
Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 7:22am PST 
Hi, Rocky and Sarge here!

Rocky is a black lab, 9 years old and Sarge is an English bulldog who is 3 years old.

Rocky lives in Buffalo, New York.

Rocky's mom is Sarge's daddy's mom!

Sarge and his Daddy live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thanks for inviting us to your nice group! We love Cammi's Restaurant xo
Morgan (RIP)

Still Mom's- favorite,- Watching over- all
Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 7:34am PST 
You know what I guess I never formally introduced myself. I've been here a while and a regular at the restaurant (Rocky and Sarge you gotta get the donuts). I'm a brittany from Kansas and live with a husky mix and tooooo many kitties. But they love me and I sometimes keep them warm. No offense little ones but it is nice to see a big dog here also. Love you guys, Morgan dog
Kubbi *- Forever in- our Hearts*

And that's why- it's good to- be..ME!
Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 8:45am PST 
hi Everybody, i'm kubbi, I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Rocky told me about this group. I'm 11 years young, I'm blind....and I look forward to meeting all sorts of new pals!snoopy

Rocky - 1997 - 2010

I love my- family!
Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 1:37pm PST 
Hi Kubbi, So glad you are here!! THere are nice pups in this group.

I'm still looking for the birthday party for the 15 year old doggy - Shitzu - that is supposed to be in the forums -

Anyhow, stopped at Cammi's and got the donuts - jelly ones are my favorites xo! Everyone help yourselves!

Up-Up, Mommy!
Barked: Sun Apr 29, '07 12:53am PST 
Hi, Kubbi and Rocky! Welcome! Morgan is a regular at Cammie's restaurant where me and my big sis, Tidbit, are helping out until Cammie's mommy is feeling better. smile Yeah, the doughnuts are pawesome! Tidbit made some yummy refreshing drinks, too! smile

Partying at the- Bridge
Barked: Fri May 4, '07 11:21am PST 
Hi I am Tipperary. Or Miss Tip Tip or Tipper, I'm a good kid or so they tell me. I like to sneak outside and hide so the humans come looking. I like to go to parties and they tell me I'm a good dancer dancing. That doesn't mean I want to watch Morgan entertain at a Shower! I think I will go see what's happenin' at the restaurant. Some refreshing drink sounds good.
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