I would like to introduce myself......

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♥Penny Ann♥

True love has- put a wag back- in my tail!
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 7:43pm PST 
Here is where we can all woof or meow a li'l bit about ourselves so we can kinda get to know each other! This is going to be a grrreat group! Camille and her family are jes' the best! If ya don't wanna be loved, you're in the wrong group! hehe! So, let's all get to know each other and have a fun and loving group! cloud 9 hug
Miss Camilla

Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 8:21pm PST 
Penny...you've said it all!! Hehe...I hope we can all enjoy ourselves here...and all be pals. Everyone is welcome! Doggies AND kitties!!!
big grin
Thanks Penny!wink


Spanky+- the- Gang
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 11:25am PST 
Hi Pals!!! Glad to be here! I just know this is going to be a Pawtastic Group! way to go My name is Spanky, my pals call me Spanks or Spankydoodle, My sisters, call me something else*blush* among other things, they say I'm a lil troublemaker! *shakes his head*confused
Anyways, I'm a 7 month old Chi, Yipppeee! I like havin a fun time, and meeting new pals!! Ummmm, I guess thats it. Me sisters are up nextsnoopysnoopy

♥- Amber- ♥

Amee- Luvs- Sammy
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 11:30am PST 
Hi ALL, My name is Amber, and yes, I'm "lil troublemaker" Spankys Big sis!wink We've really happy to be invited here. We know Cammie, and Tater Tots, and some others. Looking furward to meeting the rest of you! Oh, I'm 3 years old, I'm Chi/cocker spaniel. I'm looking forward to having FUN!!!party
♥- Skye♥

Loved by The- Tater Tots!- Furever!
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 11:35am PST 
Hi Everyone! My name is Skye. I'm Spank'ys other Big Sis! wink
Thanks Cammie for the invite! Any group your in, we've there too!big grin
I'm 2 years old, and I'm an Italian Greyhound. I'm told I have butiful long legs!!!red faceI'm kind of quiet, at least compared to Spankywink
Looking furward to meeting all of yousnoopy
♥- Lexie- Furever&hear- ts;

Furever- in our- Heart
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 11:39am PST 
Hello Everyone, My name is Lexie, I'm an angel at rainbow bridgecloud 9
I'm older sister to Amber,Skye and Lil Spankyway to go
Although I can't be here in body, I'm always watching over all of you from abovecloud 9 I try to keep an eye on all of you!hug
Oh, almost furgotthinking I'm a Greyhound and a butiful Angelcloud 9

Did someone say,- 'Treat'?!?
Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 11:35pm PST 
Hi, everypup!!! smile I'm sooo glad to be here! It's so good to see a bunch of my dear friends and some new faces to make friends with, too, I hope! smile For those that don't know me, I'm Tidbit and I love to meet people. I love my orange bear(I like to chew on his armpit) and I love to eat. BOL. I'm going to be 2 this Oct 26th(long way away but I'm already making my list---cake, stuffed squeaky plush toys, bully sticks...) and I'm kinda big at 12 lbs, but like I said, I loooove to eat! wink

Up-Up, Mommy!
Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 11:40pm PST 
Hi, guys!!! smile *waves paw happily* It's so good to see familiar friendly faces! I hope to make lots of new friends, too! smile I'm Mugsy and I'm going to be 1 this July 6th! Woohooo! *dances and runs around in circles* I'm kinda hyper diaper and I loooove to play. I'm a picky princess when it comes to food and I only want homecooked now. I even turn my nose up at my old canned standbys, canidae or California Nautural. Don't even try to get kibble near me or I'll bat it around and play air hocket with it instead of eat it(see one if my diary entries for more info. BOL) I love to give kisses and I like to bug Tidbit. Since I'm getting older, I don't bug her as much anymore, but I still make sure to give her a hard time a couple times a day to let her know who's boss. I may be smaller and younger, but I'm a tough cookie! So, that's me in a nutshell, but there's so much more to me so if you're as playful and friendly as I am, send me a PPR so we can become pals or drop me some pawmail! I can always manage to kick Tidbit off the computer long enough to bark at ya! wink
♥Penny Ann♥

True love has- put a wag back- in my tail!
Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 3:06am PST 
Okay! Well, gosh! I woofed the woof, so I s'pose I better put my woof where the woof goes! thinking thinking thinking Well, I know what I mean! BOL! dog Anyways, I'm Penny Ann. I'm a "miniature" Dachshund wink and I weigh almost 12 pounds. red face Hey! What can I woof? It's like Tidbit woofs. I looove to eat! red face I'll be 9 years old in December. eek My! How the time flies! shock I love to sleep.... and eat... and , um, did I mention that I love to eat??? big laugh big laugh big laugh I also love to chase shadows and reflections. I can sit fur hours outside on a sunny day and try to catch the bird shadows when they fly overhead. puppy I love my Mommy more than anything in the whole world... except MAYBE food! I have 2 pup sisters and a pup brother, a feather brother, and a kitty sister. My pup siblings and I are also known as The Tater Tots. Wel, that's pawbably enough about me. Oh, and also.... I love to eat! BOL! dog Oh, and Gee! How stupid of me! red face laugh out loud red face I'm engaged to be married to Prince Buster on April 21st and my bestest ever furever friend in the entire universe is Camille! cloud 9 cloud 9 Okay! There! Done! I pawmise! silenced

Um, I think I furgot to woof that I really, really love to eat! big grin

edited by woofer to add that I love to eat!

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♥Zeld- a- Marie&hearts- ;

Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 3:19am PST 
Hello dahhhhlings! My name is Zelda Marie. I'm Penny Ann's pup sister. I am a Chihuahua-Miniature Pinscher cross and I will be celebrating my very furst woofday on May 21st of this ear. *jumps up and down, chases tail* I looove to play with my baby full fur siblings, Link and Teddi Sue. I love our kitty sister, Rosie, a ton! It makes me kinda sad that I can't play with her anymore cuz she has a rather serious heart condition. She'll meow about that herself. Hmm. I have a really super sweet and handsome boyfriend named Kiko. My best pal is a puppycat named Khloe Katrina. She likes to fetch and swim in the bathtub. And my bestest ever furever friend is Beatrix. Sassy, the black Cocker Spaniel, is my Sassy Mommy. Mmm... I think that's about it. All that really matters, anyway.
kissies and puppyhugs - Zelda
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