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Mika (May- 11, 04- May 14, 05)

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I would like to know more about each of you. Tell us your own story where you come from. Some things/ special tricks you do. Anything!!!

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This is Pinceau ! kitty

I was born in a dairy barn. Only me and a brother survived weaning. During that time, there was another human that the usual ones who came to visit me twice... Then one day I was brought in the house or a bath and some humans pick me up, drove me in the car for a good 45 min and then we were in a new house... I spend the night there and the next day we were back in the car for a super long drive (a little more than 2 hours) and that's at the end of that long drive that I saw my mommy... the one who came to visit me at the barn... Later I understood that the others who drove me around were my mommy's parents (my grand-pa and grand-ma) and that the barn belongs to one of mommy's uncle.

But then all was not settled for ever... we moved a lot !! Almost every other week-ends I was going with mommy to my grand-parents house (2 hours away...Quebec - Sherbrooke). That lasted for a good 2 years. Then we moved to my grand-parents for a little bit before we moved to Maine, USA to go live wit our futur daddy. Then we change home there once during our 3 years there. I also got a brother (Molson). Then daddy got a job far far far far far away... So we had to to the big migration ! shock That ment 5 days in the car hauled behing a big Uhaul truck across the continent (Maine - Saskatchewan). Then we moved house once and my mommy and daddy are saying that we are goin g to stay here forever !! dancing Of course, they bought their first house !!

So that's my story... full of moving...

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Hey this is Molson ! kitty

My story is shorter than my sister's, since I came after her... So somebody adopted me (probably a single guy with not a lot of free time spent at home and correcting unwanted behaviour by beeing physical...shock) and after a while since I wasn't wright for him he returned me to the SPCA. I spent a lot of time (a good 2 to 3 months) there before mommy saw my picture on internet and pushed daddy to come see me. Daddy wanted to have a cat of his own since mommy "came" with my sister. And of course, even if I wasn't a baby-kitty anymore, they felt in love with me... So daddy put the money down thinking that that will makes me his laugh out loud. It took us time to bond my sister and me but I'm sure that it's only because I was speaking english and she is french ! laugh out loud Later down the road, I also went through the "big migration" but I was given pills to be a lot more amorph during the trip. Then also mommy and daddy bought their first house (the same Pinceau was talking about... dancing).
But since we moved in that amazing big house, our parents went "pzazz" ! They brought home a dog ! shrug So now we have to share our home with that Sushi-doggy-thing...

That was my story !

Mika (May- 11, 04- May 14, 05)

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I'm from a barn too. When I was born I was to be a barn cat but I never did well in that situation. I was scared to death and barely ever got out of my hidey. I was a feral kitty and was scared of people. One day my soon to be mommy arrived at the barn. She wanted to play with the horses but she noticed me. She asked if I was for sale since I was a kitty. The owner said that nobody wanted me because I was feral. Mommy took me anyway and she got my sister Lili too. She was more socialble than me so mom thought she would help fear her less. It took long before I became more tame with her but I stayed feral with everybody else. Mom's was the only one to be able to hold me without me getting scared.
Mom moved to a nice appartment on a farm where she had her horse. We moved along with her and we brought Ti (mom already had her) and Sammy our half brother. Mom actualy saved him because he was ill. So we were 4 kitties until mom fell in love with Zephyr at the pound. He didn't had a name and was about to be put to sleep. I didn't really liked the dog but mom made it clear that he had to stay in the kitchen at all time.
Unfortunately, a little bit after I got one year, Zephyr scared me. I jumped of the second floor balcony and injured my shoulder. That was very painfull. Mom made me x-rays and did anything in her power to save me but at 2000$ for the sugery she didn't had the money for it (she was unemplyed at that time) she took the hardest decision to make me sleep. She made me a memorial saying "To the most courageous friend I had ever had". She always say that I'm her little angel and she really regret what happen and still wishes that things could have been so different having had a job or help.
Phoenix (In- Loving- Memory)

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Hello I'm Phoenix! I come from a long way! I was born in The Netherlands!

My daddy is from The Netherlands and fell in love with my mommy, who's from Quebec City. I was born on July 5th, 2006. My mommy and daddy were in Quebec when they started searching online for kittens to adopt and they found me! I was going to be available as of August 31st. When my mommy and daddy came home from Quebec, they adopted me!

I'm a big boy now, and I live in Turnhout, Belgium with my mommy and daddy. I will soon move to Quebec with them too! I had a big sister, a 1-year-old bunny rabbit named Alaska, but she died tragically on March 17th, 2007. My mommy really misses her, and so do I frown

I'm still new here but I hope to make good friends!

You can call me Ti-mine, minou, el minou or Mr. Feeny! Or just Phoenix if you prefer wave