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I'm a new owner of a pitt and a new member of this group...just wanted to introduce myself and my girl...Her name is Kiko, she's a rescue, pitt/dalmation we think but certainly more pitt than anything. I am starting to see first hand the discrimination that pitts face. She gets lots of attention on our walks because she will lay down and roll over for anyone and everyone so that they can rub her bellysmile She has no problems with people but she will growl and snap at other dogs. She doesn't go after them...she sniffs and lets them sniff and then she growls and then she snaps and jumps on them. She does have one puppy friend with whom she has regular play dates, you can see the picture from their first date on her dogster page, she does fine with him. However, we were told that she is not allowed to attend obedience school because she can't be trusted around other dogs. This is crap, she goes to the park with me everyday and we run around with other dogs...everyone is on a leash but she doesn't care about the other dogs. She is more interested in the birds than the dogs. (I'm a little angry that they denied us obedience school. ) I think that if she had the opportunity to be socialized she would be great with other dogs....any thoughts?
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Its unfair that the obedience school rejected your dog...just try to find another training facility - they're obviously discriminating you...

As for dog aggression, yes pits can have dog aggression, and this is normal..its part of the breed and nothing new...I personally wouldn't take a chance - pit bulls don't belong in offleash dog parks anyways...if you are organizing play dates with dogs she knows, then there's no problem because its supervised, and its familiar "territory" for your pittie, so to speak..but I would avoid dog parks...too many horror stories - and the last thing you need is for an "accident" to happn that includes a pit bull in the story.

There are plenty of ways to socialize - going outside, down town, anywhere there are various and new situations for your dog to experience... smile

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I agree. I have been reading some of the horror stories about pits in dog parks and after being denied obedience school because of her breed I am not going to take chance that might result in bad press for the breed. I am going to start at Petsmart I think. Its affordable and fits in my schedule and its all on leash training so she will get out and about around other dogs and that is my goal.

Thanks for the feed back!

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I would advise for you to get a personal dog trainer that is familiar with Pitty Pats as I call them to come out to help you and observe how she reacts and see what he or she can help you with.

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Since Kyro was just a wee pup... I took him to the off leash area to get him socialized with other animals. For the most part he is good... and rarely shows any agression. If anything... he trys to get a bit dominate but usually only with puppies.

If you are planning on going to the park, make sure you keep your pooch close... so you are able to get control if you need to. Regardless of the breed- it is a good suggestion for any breed, as you never know who wont be taking care of their dog.

As for training in the classroom setting, look around, and dont get discouraged. There are many places that will take you into your class, and open their arms to pitts. Pup mail me if you want to know where I took Kyro

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Beaner graduates next week from his basic obedience's taught by a local vet who also shows dogs. Beaner's class is large..about 30 dogs. They range in size from a yorkie, to several great danes. Beaner is one of the smaller dogs in class. He did fine- the whole idea is that I recognize his tendency to snarfiness, and BEFORE that ever happens, he is TRAINED to respond to me. We walk through huge groups of people,kids,dogs, and while Beaner may become interested, he now follows my command and heals. The obedience class is the reason.

We don't go to dog Nashville PBs are banned from dog parks. But, we go onleash to all the parks, trails, and greenways...Beaner and Agadore his standard poodle brother hooked together on one leash. We get a lot of looks. But Beaner gets socialized within the limits I feel safe with. I would never do the dog park, because there are just too many people who turn their dogs loose and don't supervise properly. It's too much stimulation.

Good luck finding a class... trust me. You're better off not having the instructor who banned you teaching you...doesn't sound like there's too many active brain cells in that noggin.

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Try Petsmart. I'm about to enter my puppy in it when my husband get a chance to. It is going to be more affordable than a personal trainer and they get a lot of socialization because they train with other dogs. We go to Petsmart about once a week to socialize. There tons of dogs there every day especially on the weekend.