Barked: Thu Mar 1, '07 11:14pm PST 
1.The correct answer was Submission.
Your dog is expressing that he does not wish to challenge your leadership. He accepts that you are the boss. Submissive dogs never stare at dominant dogs. Don't punish a dog that acts like this- he's already saying, 'You're the boss!'
2. The correct answer was I am afraid and may bite or run..
This is the classic profile of a fear biter. These dogs are the most dangerous, as they feel that they must bite to protect themselves. If they can run, they will, but if they feel cornered they will attack, often ferociously. They don't have the confidence of the dominant dog. Give this dog an escape route and don't force yourself on him!
3. The correct answer was I smell a bitch in heat.
This may be related to a courtship ritual in which the male dog nibbles the hair on the ears of the female. It may also help increase the transfer of scent to the nasal membranes.
4. The correct answer was To show that he is the boss..
Despite many misconceptions, this is a dominance ritual. It is perfectly normal. Neutered dogs and females also mount to show dominance.
5. The correct answer was I may bite you..
This is a very dominant dog. If you stare at him or otherwise challenge his dominance, he is likely to bite. When a dog like this comes towards you, turn your side to the dog and do not stare at him! Talk soothingly and quietly, and try to back away.
6. The correct answer was Play with me!.
This is a happy, relaxed dog who wants to have some fun!
7. The correct answer was I am nervous..
Dogs yawn when they are nervous about something. You often see dogs yawn in obedience classes when an owner is being too harsh with them. Some misled owners correct yawning dogs thinking that they are not paying attention- bad idea!
8. The correct answer was Hello!.
Believe it or not, this is a friendly gesture! It's equivalent to a human handshake. Dogs will grasp each others' muzzles in the same way.
9. The correct answer was I am submissive..
This puppy should not be punished. This behavior is the canine equivalent of saying, 'I'm sorry!' and if you punish it you'll set up a vicious cycle of reoccurrence.
10. The correct answer was He needs a break..
Behaviors like scratching and shaking like a wet dog happen because of 'sensory overload.' The dog needs a break to calm down.