Barked: Thu Mar 1, '07 11:06pm PST 
1. You catch your dog doing something you don't want him to, and you yell at him. Your dog is not making eye contact with you. His lips are pulled back and his ears are flat against his head. He turns his head away from you and licks his lips when you approach. What is your dog expressing?


2. You meet a strange dog. He snarls at you with his hackles (the hair on his back) raised. His tail is held low and stiff, and his ears are laid back. What is this dog saying?

I am afraid and may bite or run.
I am the boss and I am going to bite you.
I am afraid and will run away.
I am angry.

3. Your dog is chattering his teeth. What is he saying?

I am cold
I am feeling carsick
I am hungry
I smell a bitch in heat

4. Your male dog mounts another male. Why?

Because he is homosexual.
Because he wants to mate and is frustrated.
Because he likes the other dog.
To show that he is the boss.

5. A dog is approaching you slowly. He is looking directly into your eyes and seems to be walking on his tiptoes. His ears are up and his tail is also up and wagging slowly. What is he saying?

I am friendly.
I am curious.
I am scared.
I may bite you.

6. Your dog faces you, panting. He bows down on his front legs with his tail wagging quickly. He barks in a high-pitched voice. What is he saying?

Play with me!
I want some food.
I am frustrated.
I need to go outside!

7. You ask your dog to stay and walk away. Your dog yawns. What is he saying?

I am nervous.
I am tired.
I am bored.
I need a walk.

8. A dog you don't know comes up to you and takes your hand in his mouth without biting it. What is he saying?

I want some food.
I am worried.
If you move, I'll bite you.

9. You approach a puppy whom you just caught urinating on the floor. He rolls over on his back and urinates again. What is he saying?

I will pee where I please.
I am not housebroken.
I am submissive.
I am spiteful. I urinate on the floor on purpose.

10. You are teaching your dog something new. After a bit of work, he scratches at his neck. You are sure he doesn't have any fleas. Why is he scratching?

He is itchy.
He needs a break.
He is being stubborn.
He wants to pull his collar off.