Kebo's Story

Jake ☮

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Barked: Mon Feb 26, '07 6:08pm PST 
did you pups read the diary of the day today? I forget the pups name who won, woof? But I went on to read about their family and came across a pup named Kebo. Kebo got left behind In Korea because his mommy could not find anyone to take him when they had to move to the states. She had a member of the family all set to take Kebo until they got a place to live and two days before they were to leave, the family member just said no! Needless to say, she says they don't speak anymore...She could not find anyone, not a rescue, not a kennel that would keep him until they found a home. So Kebo got left at the vets for adoption. (I can't imagine) Now they are living in the states (California) with 2 boxer pups. And mommy is being haunted by Kebo's sad face (that was the last thing she saw of him when she left him at the vets that day). She is trying everthing to find him just to see that he is happy. Dogster searches, letters, calls to the vet in Korea. She says his birthday is March 4th and she just wants to get a picture of him and give him a birthday present. Kebo is a golden retreiver. I know you guys probably dont know anyone in Korea, but just to get the word out.
So sad, Heres hoping she will find him.