Lone Star Boxer Rescue in Danger of CLOSING its door permanently!


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If anyone can help, please pass on the word. This is the only boxer rescue in the entire Houston area...and we ALL know how big Houston is.


Lone Star Boxer Rescue reluctantly, and sadly, announces that we can no longer take in any more abandoned, abused or homeless dogs. Our organization, which is completely dependent on volunteers and monetary donations, can simply no longer afford the costs of feeding, housing and providing medical care for these wonderful dogs who are languishing in shelters.

We currently have close to 50 boxers or boxer mixes that we are trying to place in homes. We do not have enough foster homes or sponsors for these dogs, let alone any new dogs that people are asking us to take in.

This is extremely difficult for us. We get countless numbers of emails and phone calls every day about dogs that need rescue, some of which aren't even boxers. We wish we could save them all, but we just can't. Not without your help.

If you have ever considered donating to LSBR, fostering or sponsoring a dog, now is the time. A minimum of $250.00 is required to sponsor a dog. This will allow us to vet and alter the dog, and cover some boarding costs, although it won't even touch the cost of treatment for heartworms or other serious medical conditions.

If you look at the Dogs in Shelters page, you will see all the dogs that we cannot take into our program. If these dogs are not pulled by another all breed rescue, they will be euthanized. LSBR is currently the ONLY Purebred Boxer Rescue in the Houston area.

Please help us help these dogs. If we don't raise more money, we will be forced to cease our rescue operations altogether. Just look at the beautiful dogs on our website. Can you imagine what would happen to them if Lone Star Boxer Rescue did not exist? We can't bear to think about it. We hope you can't either. Please help. We, and our boxers, will be forever grateful.

Lone Star Boxer Rescue Volunteers
If there is anything anyone can do, please help!! This is the only Boxer Rescue in the Houston, TX area! What are the homeless babies going to do?? shrug