Help with Chewing Hot Spots

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Barked: Wed Feb 7, '07 7:28am PST 
hello, Everyone!! I have this thing I love to do it really irritates my mom a lot. See I enjoy chewing my front knees/knuckles (what ever you want to call them) Both my front legs are pretty badly chewed up, but I like it that way do any of you enjoy chewing yourself too? Mom got help from different Vets Ive seen and well she came to the conclusion that I must be allergic to Wheat products. Now I am on a raw meat diet which i really like but I still dont leave my sores alone. Ive had the same ones since September and Ive had a funny cone put on my head numerous times but as soon as she takes that off I tell you its free for all. I dont think I ever will leave them alone. Do any of you have any suggestions on how I may stop this as it really upsets my human friends they worry a little too much about me sometimes.

Thanks for any advice

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Hi Sky,

We just joined the group today, and I couldn't help notice your post. I have had problems with hot spots with all my guy's and girls at some point or another. Bella is my14 year old female who recently has gotten very very bad with them. We were unable to use the cone because she has touble getting up and down to begin with. We try to use drying solution on the spot several times a day and then cortizone cream to stop the itching. It helps sometimes, but your dealing with a difficult problem. We'll be going to the vet soon to see if he has any other suggestions.

Good luck

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Barked: Thu Aug 25, '11 5:22pm PST 
How is the raw diet going? I hope it's going well. Some dogs are allergic to chicken and beef. What raw meats are you feeding her? Have the sores gotten better or worse? For hot spots, I highly recommend apple cider vinegar, sardines, flax seed oil, fish oil and/or coconut oil. I've had great results with these products! You can try any one of these.

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Dylan aka "my- red boy"
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Dylan hasn't had any "hot spots" but since he does have a thyroid issue, I use a good quality fish oil; 2 tsps. daily. He's 75 pounds.I use Aunt Jeni's which is made in Maryland and may not be available in some places. The reason I use this brand is that they use sardine and anchovy oil. Since these fish are so small, there is less chance they contain mercury. Also, there is a website called, which has excellent products for all types of skin problems. Also, adding organic kelp to the dog's food is always a good idea.