Jetta RIP

Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 6:11pm PST 
I just found this group. You all are fighting for a great cause! I had a personal experience with a puppy mill. I got a Yellow Lab puppy two years ago. The puppy mill advertised in the local paper. I went to check out the puppies and when I got there I was shocked! The puppies were in little chicken coop type cages raised off the ground. They were standing on chicken wire so that he would not have to clean out the cages and they could just pee and poop right through! It was in the fall and he had small breed dogs out in the cold with barely and shelter in 40 degree weather. And so I did what I know I shouldn't have. I bought one. I couldn't leave her there because I knew she would die. Needless to say the next year I had her was hard. She was a hyper active puppy and just couldn't get along with my other dogs. As she got older she became increasingly aggressive toward my dogs. Finally it got to a point that she would attack for no logical reason(Like another dog walking past her). After trying all that I could think of to try and change her behavior I had to put her down. She had tried to bite my one year old nephew! I still regret my decision. I wish that I had known more back then and that I had some how been able to keep her. I wish that more people were aware of the horrors of puppy mills and what kind of dogs they produce.