If you have adopted from us...


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Barked: Sat Feb 3, '07 10:10pm PST 
Tell us how things are going!

Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 1:12pm PST 
It has been almost a year since Paige was adopted, and she's acclamated well to her surroundings. In the beginning she was afraid of anyone and everything around her... but she has now gotten used to her family and friends. She is still afraid at times when there are loud noises, or strangers come around, but she has adjusted very well.

In fact, her newest thing is snoring. She's snored a little bit in the past, but now its gotten so loud that it wakes me up! Makes me laugh!

Her favorite times are playing with Charlie (roommate's dog), and going to the dog beach in Santa Cruz (I am from the bay area, so when Paige comes up to visit me with Jay, we take her to the beach). She loves in there. At first she was scared of the water and didn't really know what it was. But with a little re-assurance, she was in the water in no time.

We are very happy with her, and thank you for having such a great organization. We just looked online to see the new batch of black labs and were very tempted. They are SO cute! Unfortunately we have roommates, and can't accomodate another pet at this time, but we hope to be moving in the next 5-6 months and will be looking for a new playmate for Paige. How frequently do you come across full-bred labs? (That's what we'll be looking for, preferably black or chocolate).

Anyway, thanks for the add. It's quite hilarious when I receive a message in my e-mail box that says "Paige has been invited to a group in Dogster!" Makes me laugh.

Take care,

Looking for- love??
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that is great! my dog snores too, but she is a basset hound and they are known for that...haha. you would be surprised at how many dogs come in to shelters that are purebred, sometimes we are able to rescue them and sometimes other rescues get them so it all depends. Definitely check petfinder.com when you start looking again! I let Kara know I found you guys and she remembered exactly what doggie it was smile glad everything is going great!