My crazy Italian Greyhound Puppy


Rest is for the- weary not me.
Barked: Thu Jan 25, '07 10:10am PST 
Zumi is a speed demon and I thought I'd join the group. She is my beautiful, Italian Greyhound, demon child. Runs, runs, and runs some more. She's a great workout dog if you're in the mood to run a 500 meter race. Hope to meet some of you soon. I am having some trouble navigating through this site. Sorry if I don't reply.

Wonderdog in- Training!
Barked: Thu Jan 25, '07 7:35pm PST 
I'm a crazy Manchester Terrier...who is also a speed demon!! Ready to run is my motto! Good to be here, hope to chat with all of you at some point.

I'm one of the few interested "mannies" in racing like sighthounds. I love to run, and hopefully will be able to do some "fun runs" at some lure coursing and oval/straights races this summer.

Even now, in the bitter Toronto cold, I'm ready to run. I just have my parka on! BOL!!