Cole needs the help of his breed to win BIS!!


Beauty-That- Shows!
Barked: Mon Jan 22, '07 9:59pm PST 
Hello Everyone This is Cole!

I wanted to introduce myself and tell all my fur and human friends that I have made it as a Toy Group finalist! Now that's no easy feat for a little 3 .60 lb ball of fur, but I've worked very hard to show the big dogs, that we Chihuahuas, are just as big if not bigger and we stick together si si!

I'm calling ALL my wonderful breed friends to rally together on my behalf and help boost this Chihuahua up and over the TOP as THE Toy Finalist that will compete for a BIS with the Big Dogs! Wouldn't it say something if a Chihuahua won the BIS? What a wonderful testimony for our little breed of dog. You can vote often every day and that is what I'm asking for. Please tell all your friends and family to vote for me and vote often! Lets show the WORLD what we little guys are all about! Woof Woof and if I win, Ill do a shout out to all my friends and supporters from the big TV screen!! Promise!! Thanks for all your support and please share this voting link with everyone you know;-) The battle is on and the pug is niping at my little heels, but that only spurs me to run faster and harder! CHIS RULE & PUGS DROOL!!! LOL

Folks, this really is a milestone to have a Chihuahua at this level in the competition! Please Support Cole and get out the vote!! Thanks so much everyone!! Cole sends his love...and remember, A Dogs Love is Nothing to Sniff at!! Love, Cole The Long Coat Chihuahua!
Clcik on the link below to vote for me nowsmile

Lesley Harger