What's your story?


Misty - The Troublemaker
Barked: Mon Jan 22, '07 11:08am PST 
Misty likes to tell her story, so I figure I'll let her do it:
My mom rescued me from the meanest man I have ever met in my entire life! I was 6 weeks old when she found me, and that guy wasn't nice to me...my human mom thinks I was kept in a barn with my brothers and sister and doggy mom. I had a bad upper respitory infection, fleas, and ticks ALL over me...and I was very afraid of people. My mom tells me that isn't normal for a 6 week old beagle. ANYWAY...my human mom took me to the vet...another place I learned to not lick much...and got me meds and back on the road to health! My 2nd birthday was yesterday, and I'm doing great! I'm my human mom's ears...I'm a service dog! My mom trained me to listen for sounds that she can't hear and to tell her when I do hear them! GO ME! cheer Anyway...I'm happy to be here...what's your story?

Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 5:20pm PST 
Have you been found? I read in your bio that you ran away. . .

Barked: Tue Jul 14, '09 3:31pm PST 
aw..good to hear your in a much loved home like me! mommy is training me to service her as well..she has these things called seizures she hasnt had one yet but she told my old humans that and now im in school!