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Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 12:42pm PST 
Mom, Dad and I are moving back to Campbell River for the summer. Does anyone know of any good parks or trails for me to play in? Keep in mind, I can't go off-leash unless it's really really safe.

Thanks, BOL!

Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 9:30pm PST 
There are many trails around the Campbell River, plus you can park right next to the river. You can keep your dog on leash and it's a nice quiet walk. There is a path that runs right along the old higway and the beach it is a paved path with a lot of traffic during the summer but is a nice walk. You will always see plenty of people and there are dog bags and garbages along the way. There aren't any fully fenced dog parks in CR that i know of, but I can ask around. The beaver lodge lands are always a nice walk they run near dogwood. You can park near the college/timberline and there are many different paths to take.
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Barked: Sat Jan 20, '07 9:59am PST 
You could always hop on the ferry and go over to Quadra Island. There are lots and lots and lots of places to take your dog for a walk. They are not necessarily all off-leash walking trails, but the China Mountains is a great 2-3 hour hike, with a spectacular view at the top, as well as Rebecca Spit has a nice little trail along the water. All you have to do is ask some of the locals, and they will let you know where good places are! Enjoy!

My mom has spent most of her summers over on Quadra, but not as many lately. She has taken dad and us a few times, and we always have a lot of fun! Just don't leave your dog out at night (tent or trailer) as there are racoons!