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The Couch Hog
Barked: Sat Jan 13, '07 7:34pm PST 
wave My name is Roxy and i'm a Plott Hound. I was rescued by a nice lady named Candace from a bad shelter is KY. My foster mom Nancy has been lookin' out for me for the past 6 months until my new forever mom found me on the internet and thought i was just the cutest thing on four legs snoopy So Next Saturday i make the big haul from KY to N. E. Wisconsin to my new home on Lake Michigan.....the most hugest wading pool there is cheer.
Beatrix- Kiddo

Yard? What- yard?....
Barked: Tue Jan 23, '07 9:22am PST 
I just got an invite for here from Callie. I'm a Katrina dog found after the storm roaming the streets of an area in the south that got hit bad.

A rescue group went down to get me like they do a lot of the dogs that are about to be put down. They gave me to someone that they should not have (gone all day small apartment no health care). She returned me to the rescue group.

By the time Mom and Dad saw me at a flea market with the rescue group I was pretty sick. Dad saw me first and said look at that cool dog, Mom at first was like no way Grace just died (her yellow lab) but Dad insisted we fill out the paperwork and here I am.

After treatment for an ear infection, hook worm, heart worm and getting spayed I am now way healthy. I get a heartworm test in March to make sure they are really gone. Mom says I look like a different dog and I kind of am.