Do people ask you "Is that a Collie?"

Laddie (RIP)

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Barked: Sat Jan 13, '07 7:57am PST 
I have people ask me fairly often, if my dog is ALL Collie, because they've never seen a White Collie before.

They may not be the rarest of dogs, but they're rare enough that not everyone has seen one before. Pretty special.


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Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 12:01pm PST 
I'm asked this at least once a week. Most often folks guess that she must be mixed with Samoyed or Great Pyrnenees. Sometimes, if it's a serious dog person, I'll go into more detail about Queen Victoria's preference for whites, but how they fell from favor in the show ring, & are now making a comeback. Usually though, I just reply "Nope, she's all collie! Just a rare white one." Occasionally, someone will look skeptical & reply, "Are you sure?" A friend with a Tri says he hears this too. If it's not a Sable, some folks just don't believe it's a collie.
Laddie (RIP)

Timmy is NOT- down the well. - Geez.
Barked: Tue Jan 16, '07 1:28pm PST 
I'd never seen a White Collie myself, before I saw Laddie's photo on the Collie Rescue website.

There is a website called the White Collie Connection I think (?) that seems to have been abandoned by it's webmaster. Too bad, it looks like it was a really fun site. Great photos.