2007 Flyball Season....teams? classes?


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Barked: Fri Jan 12, '07 10:33am PST 
I see no one has been posting for a while, but as I am a newbie...What's everyone's status now in their Flyball training/competing? I live in Ajax, and am actively looking for classes and or teams to check out. I'm headed out to see Push This team, which practices in Bolton...it's a bit of a trek, so I'm hoping to find something closer to home.

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Hi Simba - For some reason most of the flyball teams are centered North or West of you. There is one based out of Oshawa, and another out of Whitby I think. I think that there are so many teams in the GTA that they are picky about who to accept and many don't even offer to train beginners so if you can get in with Push This you are doing well. I just made this same observation in the Addicted to Dog Sports Group forum in a message to Cider who lives in Whitby and is having a hard time getting started in flyball too.

Our club Hot Diggity Dogs is based in Trenton area so it is a bit of a further drive down the 401 but at least there is no Toronto traffic! We are open to all dogs at all levels. One thing about flyball is you need to drive to train and drive to compete.

Wonderdog in- Training!
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 7:00am PST 
Thanks for info. Yes, I'm headed to a tourney in Brampton "Fido Mania", and I've seen a few more teams that are supposed to be located in the GTA...so hopefully if I get a chance to talk with them, I'll see what I can find.

The Push This team is awesome, they welcomed us very nicely, and gave me some great starter exercises to help get me ready. So, most likely I will train with them.

I don't mind travelling for competions, used to it from competing in martial arts and boxing, but would love to have the training a bit closer to home.


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try out superdog central...some of the "time bandits" run out of there and they offer classes as well.....they are in bowmanville

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Thanks! I will do that! Bowmanville is just 20-30 min from where I live!
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It is very difficult to find a team, especially if you don't have a standard 'flyball breed' like a Whippett or Border Collie.

Try www.flyball.org there is a team locator on the site.

Good luck.
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Hey Simba, did you ever come out to SuperDog Central???

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BOL! Now I see why you p-mailed me...I haven't been on this group in ages...I stick to the Dog Sports site....

I went to SDC before the new reno's...but they only offer weeknight classes..which are impossible for me to get to. I need a place that offers weekend classes.

Hope to see you at one of the SDC events this year!

oh yeah: Although I'm not a "typical" breed..it's only cause there aren't enough of us around. I'm in between a Jack Russell and a Whippet (whippet is in our blood lines supposedly)...so let's just say I'm quite fast, yet small enough to make a good height dog!!

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Oh yeah, I know Manchesters very well. You would make the perfect height dog.

Morgan does offer privates, perhaps you could e-mail her.