Sometimes I get bored and i chew things.Worst thing you have chewed.

Casey Jane

Wet- Me like you to- death
Barked: Wed Jan 10, '07 7:35am PST 
Last night my girlfriends daughter had superglue and casey found it.I got after her and picked it up and did not know that it had got on the carpet 5 min later casey knew and desided to get the dryed up glue off the floor and chewed a hole in my carpetfrown Guess time for new carpet was only a year old!

Barked: Wed Jan 10, '07 9:34am PST 
Lets see... Oh so many shoes, the $250 medical bag, the antique rocking chair , multiple garden hoses or the connection wires to the trailer! I used to be a very bad boy! I am much better now and it has been a while since I have destroyed anything I am not supposed to.

Any time is play- time!!!
Barked: Sat Jan 13, '07 2:41pm PST 
Thank goodness Murphy only chewed up one shoe while he was a puppy, BUT.........many years ago I had a German Shepard/wolf hybrid. When she was a puppy she decided to chew up my now ex's brand motorcyle helmet, for dessert she had the seat of his brand new harley. My ex adored that dog but I can tell you he was not happy when he found what she did.