Welcome Nikki, Buddy, Benny, and Chester!

The- Hollidawg

Bridge Biscuits- are divine.
Barked: Thu Jan 4, '07 7:47pm PST 
Nikki is a very pretty Golden Retriever who loves water. I figure she'll be the one to scale the moat if any present themselves in our attacks. She also loves licking plates in the dishwasher. Hmm, we may have to teach how to get the good stuff from counter.

The brindle coat on Buddy will be useful to mezmerize the humans. Plus, since he's one of those scary kiss-a-ble crosses, we can use him as an advance scout to clear the room. If the authorities stand up to him, I'm sure he'll kiss his way out of trouble. BOL!

Are you ready for this, pups? Buddy's brother Benny dislikes peanut butter. I wonder how he feels about cheese? He looks enought like Buddy to be his twin so perhaps, with a couple of mirrors, we can create a whole attack army of kiss-a-bulls. Hmm, there's a though.

Chester is in Germany! So bring on the wienerschnitzel, the bratwurst, the liverwurst... yum... Hmm. How much do you think it would cost for us to take a road trip to Germany? Right, Chester is a very cute fluffy pup who has be totally distracted thinking about liverwurst.

Welcome all new Brigade Members! Beer and Pizza all around...

Anyone got liverwurst?