The Psychiatric Service Dog

Charger- (PSD) Rest- in Peace 08

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Barked: Mon Dec 25, '06 9:13am PST 
Thank you to all the dogs that help us each day. Your support and love are always their and all they ask in return is a warm place to sleep, plenty of food, and our love.

I do not know who did this, it was sent to me. They said it was a song. But I just like the words.

The Psychiatric Service Dog

What a psychiatric service dog is to its partner...sanity, freedom, a sudden "coming to life" from the dark, scary, confusing world they must attempt to survive and navigate due to mental illness.

A journey one who is mentally ill most often takes all alone as even those closest to them turn their backs in frustration, ignorance and helplessness.

The psychiatric service dog, a hero, a knight in shining armor who has come to rescue their partner and guide them thru absolute hell and safely guide them from the blackness of insanity and into the light.

A being full of love and devotion that courageously braves the darkest and most dangerous corners of a critically ill mind, a place few dare to go, to battle the daemons and rescue the desperately lonely scared person held captive there.

Never again will they sink so far or become so lost in that dark world that they cannot find their way out. Always by their side, their hero and angel in disguise dedicating their whole heart, soul, their whole life to give the mentally ill back theirs.

Jenn and the Gang,
Charger & Lumina