A Rottweiler Christmas

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Rottweiler Christmas

A rottweiler Christmas is different them most

For sometimes they use the tree as their very post.

The presents they feel are all theirs

If they want to share they will show you their wares.

The kitchen now is their resting spot

For when food is galore you can be sure

That your rotts are in the middle of your floor.

With watching eyes of every move you try to do your job.

But if you drop something their heads are sure to drop.

Who needs a broom or a vaccumn with rotties all around

For their noses are always to the ground.

Guaranteed there will be dog drool on the floor

You will slip once or twice and maybe even more.

They play and bounce when happy to see you

While throwing their toys in the air.

But the loud rottie “purr” you will hear when their toys are near.

People think that one is to many but I think one isn’t enough

You need to be strong but you don’t need to be tough.

With the presents under the tree all wrapped so pretty to see

These dogs really think that what they see is “All for me”“

Oh paper will fly along with bows , some will even stick to their nose.

They will look at you with their innocent eyes even just after eating your pies.

The stocking that were hung by the chimney with care

Are now torn apart and under the chair.

The decorations that hung on the tree are not where they were or should be.

The garland strewn across the floor, down the hall and door to door.

The lights are flickering all around the room you might as well get the broom.

The babies are happy and full of joy , to see what they did, no need to wonder why.

They are tired now and need some sleep , while snuggled on my lap other things will keep.

This Christmas is over and all but done , everything they did was all in fun.

Another one is next year and sure to be , as messy and funny as we see..

But the joy and humor they bring in our life, no present under the tree is better for me

For there is no Christmas like the ones with a rottweiler or two or three.

December 6, 2005

Gail Gallant©