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Yes, the Labs of dogster have come up with a brilliant idea (I know some of you are thinking that this must be the first time in history the words "Lab" and "brilliant" have been used in the same sentence) BOL, But hear me out! The group Labs, Labs, and more Labs has decided to sponsor a photo contest. The theme for this contest is Best friends. Awwww.... smile
All of these labbies have worked really hard to put this together, so lets make it a smash hit!! The paintings for first and second place are really neat, and would normally be worth around $300.

Tag your photos that you want entered:
Best Friends Contest ‘06

The deadline for submitting your photo is: January 30,2007

The judges for this contest are:
5.Jackson Brown
7. Falstaff

All dogs we need your votes! Send all your votes to Othello. You are allowed to request votes from friends in your groups, but you may not bribe other pups to vote for you. You may not vote for yourself. Each pup may only vote 5 times. The final decisions will be made by our judges, but we need your votes to narrow down the contestants.

There will be prizes for:
Honorable Mentions

The prizes are:
Belgian (rosettes)
Boo Boo (2nd place painting)
Da Moose (1st place painting)
Fischer (toys and rosettes)
Jackson Brown (rosettes)
Daisy (rosettes and maybe a couple dog toys)
Cade Brooke - ????
Boady - ????
Toby - ????

Contest Rules: Written by
Prince Buster and
Da Moose

- Only one (1) submission per pup. Submitted images must be a photograph, not manipulated in any way, (for example, with Photoshop or conventional photo-retouching - pencils, dyes, etc. No late entries will be allowed. Photos must be appropriate to the theme of the contest. Judges have every right to disqualify. No bashing or bribing of judges.

Copyright of the submitted photograph belongs to the photographer. If the photographer is not the owner of the dog, ownership of the photo must be determined in writing between the photographer and the dog's owner prior to entering the image in the contest. Entry in the contest constitutes a declaration of ownership or lease of that photograph's copyright by the person submitting the image.

If your photograph is the first or second place winner, you retain copyright of the photograph and grant one-time use to the artist donating the finished portrait as prize. You retain ownership of the finished portrait, but the copyright of the finished portrait shall belong to the artist who donates the prize, and the artist retains the right to create reproductions of the image in the form of cards, prints, and/or other products.

The finished portrait will be unframed. Shipping is to be determined between the artist and the winner.