House Breaking a Min Pin Pup


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Barked: Wed Dec 13, '06 6:29pm PST 
I am 2 months and mom is really trying to crate train me. I will pee, but won't poop in my crate (unless I can't hold it). Should she leave me in a small room during the day w/ my crate open so I could potty on paper(isn't that paper training)? Mom is also confused about having me sleep in the crate at night because she really wants me to sleep in my bed, but scared I will make a mess in her room. Mom would really like to know what is the fastest and easiest way to potty train me?

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Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 9:14am PST 
My mommy lets me sleep in her bed. I have made messes on it, but now I have Mommy take me out as soon as I wake up so that I don't. I have her trained really well now. smile She also lets me out at regular intervals during the day and tries not to let me out of her sight in the house, though I run pretty fast so sometimes I sneak away and get into trouble. When I potty outside I get a treat. They used to be this gross training treats but I don't like them so now I get little bits of chicken, yum! I only go in my crate when no one's home. I still have accidents but I am getting better, and now I am in puppy classes so hopefully I will get it down pat really soon. Good luck!