Water Training


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Barked: Mon Dec 4, '06 9:34pm PST 
So they put you in a boat, right? It's got this platform. Then they throw a bright orange oar in the water...then they push you off the boat?

Any of you up to this stuff?

I try, but I don't know. I'd rather just play with all the other big newfs. So many in one place...heaven.
Ronan (We love you! 1990-2005)

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Barked: Tue Dec 5, '06 11:53pm PST 
Yeah, that's right for Keira I think. But for me, just before I got sick, they took me in for a test. There was a treadmill in a glass box and they put me on it and turned it on. I had to start running and they filled the case with water. So I had to run-swim on a treadmill while they checked me. I did NOT enjoy that...

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Barked: Mon May 26, '08 1:28am PST 
My mommy is going to give me swimming lessons next week smile
She says I will be a great swimmer!!