Christmas Break

Empress- Mimi-10/11/9- 5?-6/24/10

North of the- Rainbow Bridge
Barked: Fri Dec 1, '06 4:44pm PST 
Hello everyone, my Mommy just signed up for the group! What a great idea! My Mommy teaches HS special ed. She gets pretty stressed by the end of the day, so my sister and I help relieve her stress. She works with those crazy ED kids. What's everyone doing over the Christmas break?

What's that- smell?
Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 6:30pm PST 
Hi Mimi-
My mom and dad went to Orlando Florida and I got to stay with my cousins Maggie and Nick. We had lots of fun. My Aunt has a huge fenced in back yard and we chased each other around and around the yard.

I'm a slave for- the ball
Barked: Sat Jan 6, '07 9:19pm PST 
My mommy stayed home with me. That was just perfect!

Sienna, NPC,- CGC

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Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 4:46am PST 
Our mom and dad wen to see their mom and dads so we went to "casa canine". It's our vacation spot. We had a blast playing in the fields with 20 other dogs. We did have to beg for some special attention at times, but we are good at that. smile