why am i not in- the front seat!
Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 8:39am PST 
my parents need a lil help training me. they had pit bulls before but not a bull anyway they want me to of coarse do basic cammands, but also want me to stop being so friendly and excited around humans and other dogs...but i cant help they want me to be kinda mean becasue they dont want anyone tryin to steal me or daddy wants me to help mommy if ever she gets introuble.. so does any1 have any suggestions or tips?

Beasty Bubba
Barked: Wed Feb 21, '07 6:20pm PST 
Pups will always be excited to both meet new people, and to see their owners. I think that with time your bully boy will settle down and become more tranquil. As for making him "a little mean", i would have to say that is unnecessary. Bullys are great dogs, and when the time comes will do anything to defend their mom and dad, sometimes give their life (DOG forbid). But i think your pup will be a great protector of the house hold and a great companion that will enrich your lives very much.