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Don\\\'t hate me- because I\\\'m- adorable
Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 8:57am PST 
Hi everyone! Mommy bought a new book last night that she wanted to tell everyone about. It's called "The Other End of the Leash" by Patricia McConnell. This book is about the interaction between humans and canines, and how their communication styles differ. Mommy has only gotten through one chapter, but it was a really good chapter. It talked about how even the slightest change in a human's body expression can communicate to us.

Ms. McConnell hosts a talk show on NPR called "Calling All Pets." She also runs a training facility in the Madison, WI area. Mommy said that we are going to go to a class there.

Ms. McConnell has written several other books regarding dog behavior, including dealing with separation anxiety, aggressive dogs, multi-dog households, and beginning family dog training. If you'd like to get more information about her books, you can go to

Don\\\'t hate me- because I\\\'m- adorable
Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 9:19am PST 
Hi everyone! Here are some more training resources on the web:

Perfect Paws - Training resources on the web

Dr. P's Dog Training (They have some videos so you can see the dogs in action)

Pet (Run by Dr. Fosters and Smith)

Dog Tricks!

Dog Tips, Tricks, & Insights

That's all I have for now. Anyone else have any cool online places for training, or dog behavior in general?