Hi guys!


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Barked: Mon Nov 27, '06 3:09pm PST 
Nice to see you all. smile How about a doggie playgroup sometime?

I'm the- Prince of- Fluffyness!
Barked: Tue Dec 26, '06 6:53am PST 
Hi Lily, I just joined this group today. Nice to meet ya! I hope it's OK that I joined even though I don't really live on Coronado. But my mom used to and we both visited her former roommate (maybe you guys knew her roommate's maltipoo Jake who unfortunately passed away last year). We are actually thinking of moving back sometime in the future. smile

ETA: Oh, I hope everypup had happy holidays!!

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Su comida es mi- comida.
Barked: Thu Jan 11, '07 2:50pm PST 
For sure, Chester...welcome!