Im New


It's not easy- being this cute.-
Barked: Sun Nov 26, '06 3:57pm PST 
Hello im Charlie a 3 year old Chihuhua/Terrier.
Im from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada! smile
Hope to have a blast here

born to chew- through anything- .
Barked: Sun Jan 21, '07 4:56pm PST 
Hi charlie I am new too. My name is kahlua. I hope you will feel welcome here . We little guys and gals have to stick together . woof see ya . Kahlua.wishes
♥- Sierra- ♥

Moves- bark at it- !!!
Barked: Tue Jun 9, '09 6:04pm PST 
Hi Charlie I am 4 Years old and I want to welcome you to our group. Woof Woof your cute. I think you will really enjoy our groupwe have lots of fun and a great group of friends.