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Hi there!
I saw this picture of a chessy on the cover of Dogs In Canada a while ago, ever since then, I wanted to know more about this breed. They are beautiful dogs. Yes, they are mistaken as labs all the time. I have a 13 month old yellow lab, named Bosco. In the near futur I would love to have another dog. The Chesapeakes have caught my eye. I would love to hear your experiences with your chessies. Any information on them would be truly appreciated!!!

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Hi Bosco! smile

I love Chesapeakes. smile I know this spring we will probably get another puppy. I can't decide if I want another yellow lab or a Chesapeake Bay retriever. I saw this phrase on Wikipedia "You can order a lab; ask a golden; but you must negotiate with a Chesapeake." After I read that, I'm leaning more towards a lab.. lol.. I don't know if I can handle a chesapeake.. lol

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I may act tough,- but really i'm a- softy!
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wave Hey Dakota!!!

I love chesapeakes too. I've never owned one, or even actually met one. But i've been doing lots of research on this breed. From everything that i've heard from people, they seem to be an amazing breed aswell. Different from the labs, though. Which is fine. So i'm not sure either, but i'll continue doing more research on the chessies! Talk to you later!

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Make sure you go find Chessies to meet. They are not for everyone....and that saying is true. If you can handle not being in control all the time and constantly reminding your dogs of who's boss, and doing obedience and lots of activity they are a great breed. If at all possible go talk to a breeder and meet her dogs...see how they act towards you and see how different they are from Labs. Find websites that say why not to get one as it will tell you all about their bad traits, bc anyone can live with the good's the bad traits that people weren't aware of that get them sent to the pound.

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Thank you for your response. I have only found one chessy breeder in Alberta so far. I saw pictures of you and your big sister on their website!
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Hi there. I just noticed this topic and I know it's old but I thought I'd respond anyways.

As it was mentioned - Chesapeakes, although beautiful - are not for everyone. They are very assertive, can be dominant and are 'tough' dogs and without proper guidance, training and socialization can be more than a handful.

The temperament of a Chessie is not that of a Labrador or Golden Retriever. For a good read:

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Thanks for your response and for that link! smile

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I may be just lucky, or maybe I'm a lot more assertive than I knew before. I have a 10-month old Chesapeake and he's the first dog I've ever owned, or even been around. We do a lot of puppy classes (clicker training) because I love it. I have found him very easy to train and a great companion! He doesn't always come right away when called, if he's found something a whole lot more interesting. But he certainly is more obedient than my friends' dogs, including a lab (who is very sweet nonetheless!). I love how he is so devoted to me and to my family. No problems here!

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Eli is such a cutie!

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wave i co own a chessie they are high spirited and will jump right into water there coat is very easy to take care of and it dries fairly quickly when it gets wet you should enjoy owning one!smile