Gidget (Rip 1987-2006)

When's Dinner??
Barked: Mon Nov 20, '06 7:36pm PST 
hello my name is Gidget and i have a brother up here with me named Bo.

Gidget & Bo

Mr. Carefree- Manipulator
Barked: Wed Nov 22, '06 12:13pm PST 
Hi, I have three brothers and two sisters here with me.
♥- Pooh-Angel- ♥

Pretty Pooh
Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 4:46pm PST 
I have a sister, Mootie, who I didnt get to know in real life, up here with me. And of course, I have all of you!!!

Sparky- In Loving Memory

Im watchin over- all the sick- doggies
Barked: Sat Jul 28, '07 5:28pm PST 
Hi Guys!! I dont have any doggies siblings up here with me but I do have my human daddy up here with me.

Minnie Mouse
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '07 3:44pm PST 
Hello Bo,
My name is Mini and I came to the bridge Aug 15th. I don't have any doggie family with me but I could sure use a couple of friends.