Pet Brands


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Barked: Mon Nov 20, '06 8:41am PST 
Hi everyone. This is a list of websites for various doggie brands. These are sites for toys, treats, food, and general pet supply brands. As always, feel free to add on your own!!!

Kong -

Bil-Jac -

Lupine -

Outward Hound -

Bamboo Pet Products -

Hamilton Products -

Sporn -

Merrick Pet -

3M Pet Products (products developed and sold by 3M) -

Cloud Star (makers of Buddy Biscuits) -

Wubba World -

Ruff Wear -

Canine Hardware (the makers of Chuck-it) -

Hyper Products (the tennis ball slingshot makers) -

Furfection (doggie spa stuff, and other pet related items) -

Tuffies toys -

Are there any links you can add to this list?