Letters For Santa!

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throw the ball!- throw the ball!
Barked: Mon Nov 27, '06 7:25am PST 
* tiny jumping balls (73981264923679236479169746179346 pcs)
* health, love, luck, joy and happiness to all my 4legged friends with their beloved ones
* boiled eggs
* a make-up brush that i can chew and put in pieces
* boiled eggs
* chicken
* fish food ( especially dried shrimps )
* boiled eggs ( did i say this)
* more friends
* chicken
* squeky toys
* boiled eggs ( i love eggs, did ya' know that)
* new clothes
and last 2 ones
* chicken and


Duncan HBL- (Our Special- Angel)

The Shadow
Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 9:54pm PST 
There's not much I need that I don't already have so I am asking for the safe return of my human brother-in-law, Clay, who is a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps, and Clay's son-in-law, Chris, who is a 4E in the U.S. Navy and is being deployed December 8 for 6 months. And Santa, if you can throw in a few pieces of Hormel Pepperoni (the real human stuff), I'd appreciate it.

Hey you - give me a belly- rub.
Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 8:56am PST 

-I would like to second the request made by Duncan for his human family being deplayed.
-I would like to ask that all homeless animals find nice loving homes.
-And, finally, I would like some cheese.

Thanks Mr. Santa, Sir.

Your pal,



everyone thinks- i'm just to- cute!
Barked: Mon Mar 19, '07 4:59pm PST 
1.) treats
2.) a brother or sister dog
3.) a yummy bone
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