Welcome to Patan, Ruckus, Beast, and Angus!

Dawson- Fauxpudel

Later inner- poodle, it's MY- belly rub.
Barked: Wed Nov 8, '06 5:44pm PST 
Patan, who eats everything except mangos, is another basenji who has joined the group. He’s just a bit bigger than the other basenjis around, and apparently he also shares traits with Tigger. A bouncy, trouncy, and full of fun, fun, fun pup to help on our raids.

Ruckus and his brother Beast. Ruckus is another Belgian Terv Mix like my sister, and by Dog if he can eat anything like she can we are going to have to raid a supermarket. However, from what I see on his page he is more of a lover (like me) than a chow hound. I am sure he will be essential in tying up the humans in belly rubbin’ siestas during raids. Beast, a handsome German Shepherd Dog, looks like his area of expertise is in destruction. Not necessarily planned destruction, but just random oooops kind of destruction. Either type is good for getting into places or for distractions, as far as I'm concerned.

Angus is a English Springer Spaniel with a poetic bent. He is intelligent, although he appears to lend that intelligence to helping humans with the laundry and actually puts away his toys. He also has immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), and can teach us all about never giving up.

Stop by their pages, say hello, and perhaps, even leave a bone or two to fill empty bellies.

Welcome Patan, Ruckus, Beast, and Angus to the Brigade!

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Thu Nov 9, '06 3:24pm PST 
Thanks for the welcome! I am glad to be here and have my pen and paper poised to take notes from all of you on how to get more out of my counter surfing experiences.

Oooops! I ate my- motto....*burp!*
Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 10:22am PST 
Howl-dy Ruckus, Angus, and Beast!

Big baroooos to Patan!

Angus The- Warrior

Wag well and wag- often.
Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 10:32am PST 
Thank you very much for the welcome! It is an honour to be a member of the group. My Uncle Tsunami in Canada is a consummate surfer and has promised to pass along his favourite tips.

Woo! Woo!
Beast SmH,- KoR1, RFTS

Kiss me, I'm- German!
Barked: Thu Feb 8, '07 10:59pm PST 
Ladies and Gentledogs of Counter Surfing, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies for our group neglect. Mom claims she has been "busy" and as such has denied us access to the wonders of the Counter Surfing Brigade. Upon seeing our warm welcome, we made her feel especially guilty, and she agreed to take some time out to let us make an appearance! We promise we will try to come around more often.

You're right, though, Ruckus is more of a lover, and me, well, I am definitely prone to the "oops" kind of destruction. Wondering about all the letters after my name? My "fun" titles, you see, and my first and proudest - SmH - is my SmashHound title!

We look forward to the many glories of talking about food, looking at food, and well, EATING food!

Wags and slurpy kisses,

Beast and Ruckus