What Was The Sadest Day of Your Life?

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"Little- Spitfire"
Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 3:37pm PST 
Mine was when my Brother Dakota got sick and never came back home again. Mommy and Daddy was very upset. They say he went to Rainbow Bridge to be with My Sister Amber and other Brother Bosco.
"sniff sniff"
Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

Bark at- everything!
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 6:23pm PST 
I haven't had one yet as far as mom knows. She adopted me at age 3 and since then, the only sad days I have are when mom and dad leave for work.
I may have had sad days earlier in my life but I'm not telling. A typical Golden, I am happy and well-adjusted, loving and kind despite how I became lost in L.A.
Tedibear- Our Girl- Forever

Miss Bear
Barked: Wed Nov 8, '06 12:59pm PST 
I am so lucky. I haven't had one as yet.


-my motto got- lost in the dog- food bag-
Barked: Thu Nov 9, '06 1:28pm PST 
Learning about Ronan, the grandpa I never met, sniffle. See my entry for Ronan and letters from therainbow bridge in my diary. It's real sad.
Casey- In Loving- Memory

Sleepy pup
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 11:47am PST 
My sadest day was when my older "sister" Kelley went to the vet and never came back home. She was only 10+, she got some kind of a blood disease. Unfortunately, she died at the vet's. Mom & Dad were SO sad- they made a little memorial box and buried it in our yard. So, enjoy EVERY day.... Life is so short.

Barked: Thu Jun 19, '08 12:20pm PST 
Yesterday when we found our I have HD. Mommy says cant seem to understand why...my mommy and daddy didnt have it and I eat good and exercise ok....things happen my vet dr said. I am going on a new food soon to help me with my joints.

RIP Big Boy
Barked: Fri Jul 11, '08 8:05pm PST 
Mine, was when, I passed away!
cry I'm missed, & missing people.

Barked: Fri Jul 11, '08 8:06pm PST 
When, my older brother Rusty passed away on us, I met him when I was a puppy, & he was like a dad to me.
Shiley Renee-

Loyal Companion
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 9:23am PST 
When my boyfriend Otto moved away with his family. I was so sad that even my Mom cried for me. Every time I see a German Shorthaired boy I think of Otto.
Dreamer (sonyador)

Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 9:17am PST 
the sadest day in so far for me was when my doggie daddy Chase passed away. he was old and i guess it was his time mommy said he lived a long happy life with lil pain in the end. we all layed by his side that night
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