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Got a question about love? Something got you down cause you can't find the right words??Having love promblems??

The you have come to the right place.
Step up here my friend and I'll give you some advice!Ask any question...

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And it's costs FREE!! It's free!! Any question on love and I'll help you!!!

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If you have a valentine, are they considered your boydog/girldog?

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No. Valentines are just for one day.. they don't have to be your dates or your love. Just a valentine.

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Dr. loveanomics, I NEED YOUR HELP.

i've been here for a long time, and i joined many group like this. but until now i can't see any partner or someone else who like me... why is it like that? what's am i gonna do? please help me.
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I have a boy(dog)friend and he is younger than me is that ok?
should i find a dog my age or what?
what ccan i say to him i just do not know what to say like I wuv you, Cody~! or what should i say?
what is the best to tell him i am in love with him or how i feel about him?
should i show that post i did on the contest or what?
this is urgent!
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i LIKE THINS GUYred face but I dont know how to tell him, what do I do?

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i would like if you could tell me about love? i ahve a girlfriend names roxy!! i love her but how will i say i want to marry you on christmas eve!

happy holidays
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Barked: Thu Dec 20, '07 12:02pm PST 
Bettina- Go out and meet some people. Talk to other dogs and you'll soon find your pawfect. You got to go out there and find love. Most of the time, that works.

Butterscotch- First of all, it doesn't matter about age. I'm married to a girl who is 2 while I'm turning 12. But we love each other more than words can say. So age doesn't matter! When you want to tell him your feelings, say it from the heart. You say the best things when you say it from the heart. If you want to say it in a more creative way, do a slideshow for him or something.

Bailey- Too shy to say it straight up? Send anonymous rosettes to him. That's a very romantic (and flirty bol) way to tell him you like him. Or write a poem.

Biscuit- Time to get those creative juices flowing! Many dogs propose to their love ones by montages ( which is like a slideshow. You can put pictures of you guys and then at the end, propose. Or write a poem or song. It's up to you!

Good Luck everypup!way to gohughug

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