Favorite Doggie toy


Barked: Thu Oct 26, '06 4:41pm PST 
Hey sorry haven't been on but we have a new topic to talk about Favorite Doggie toys. I love my squeaky plastic hamburger. What is your favorite.

Mommy's Angel
Barked: Thu Nov 9, '06 7:56pm PST 
I love a squeaky ball. I love it when mommy throws it and I caught it in my mouth. I take it back to mommy and she throws it again. We do it over and over again.

Mr. Squirrel
Barked: Fri Nov 10, '06 10:44am PST 
Hiya poodles!
I love my little squeaky tennis ball. I can play & retrieve my ball with Mommy all afternoon or night!! I especially like it when it rolls underneath the couch and Mommy has to get out the flashlight & long shoehorn & retrieve it herself!! We just have a riot!!


It's all about- me.
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 7:25pm PST 
My stuffed goose!!