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Barked: Fri Oct 20, '06 4:00pm PST 
Hi everyone! This looks like a neat forum and I hope we'll learn a lot from you folks. smile

My dog Wiggy is a happy, healthy dog, a little over a year and a half old. But she has a very thin coat, and always has. As a pup she had a hot spot I thought might be related to a corn allergy (very common in rat terriers) and the vet agreed. We switched her to a no-corn diet and the hot spots are gone, but she's still never grown a full coat. It's thin on her head, neck, and chest.

Over the last year and a half we've tried several premium foods and tried cutting out wheat, corn, and soy altogether as I've read they're common allergens. We tried Blue, Prarie, and Chicken Soup brands in chicken & rice formula, and then Prairie Venison & Millet after it worked so well for my parents' dog, but her coat hasn't changed after a few months on each food. We're now back to Blue as I like the cold-processed nutrient bits, and she might be doing slighly better on it. Her fur is very soft where it grows, anyway!

Since food changes haven't made a difference, other than corn, we're thinking this may no longer be a dietary issue. I wonder if it could be environmental allergies, but she's not red or itchy. My husband thinks she's just naturally thin-coated and it's not even a problem, and maybe he's right! I just don't want to give up on her coat too easily.

Do you guys have any similar experiences or suggestions? I'm hesitant to medicate her when she's not in discomfort, but am very open to natural remedies and immune-system boosters that might help! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome Wiggy! As for your question about your coat: I wish I could help but I can not. If you are not scratching and the switching foods hasn't helped or hindered and your skin color and ears all okay maybe it is just you and you don't have a problem. What has your vet said about it?
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Have you tried adding a regular dose of an Omega source daily to the diet... salmon oil, or some type of fish oil, whether it be in capsule form or liquid form. You can also purchase products like the Missing Link and use that as a supplement to see if that helps with the coat.


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I know this is an older post but I was wondering if you've ever had Wiggy tested for allergies. The vet drew blood for both my dogs and sent them in to the lab. We got a chart back that had all of their food and indoor/outdoor allergies. Maybe you haven't found the right food since you dont know her allergens yet. Also, coconut oil is great for dogs and does wonders for their coat. Start with 1/4 tsp per 10 lbs and work up to 1 tsp per 10 lbs over the course of the week. Keep on this dose if your seeing results. This is something you can feed all the time. Best of luck and I hope Wiggy is doing well.