Rescue Quirks


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Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 8:27am PST 
Hi everyone:
I was wondering if any of your rescues had quirks when you first brought them home. For the first few weeks whenever we went out for any length of time, Oliver would haul our boots, shoes and whatever else he could find into the rec room where he and Bailey sleep. He would then get his favorite toys and pile them all in the center of the room. He never damaged anything just made a minipyramid. My friends said he was piling up his stuff to take with him in case he had to move again. He suddenly stopped and has never done it again.
Drover ~Sweet Angel Boy~

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Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 2:56pm PST 
Bless your heart, Oliver! And we just love your Dogster page, especially that last picture, what a cute grin you've got going! Mom says Cindy had been kicked out of several homes and then was in a foster home for nearly a year. She is a very low maintainance dog, as long as she can watch cats. She has slowly developed this "skill". Now me, Drover, I was sad and disoriented when I arrived here. And I'm sure the family could hear me howling when they left. I don't do that now. I like it here! I've got a great new family and a little sister to wrestle with.