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Barked: Sat Oct 14, '06 5:42pm PST 
Hi everybody, thanks for the invite! I was rescued this past week, and boy oh boy, is this ever better than running around downtown. I have discovered the joy of dog doors, and run in and out about 200 times a day, I get all the food I want, and there's a ton of beef bones for me to work my puppy teeth on. Mom takes me to work everyday, and I run into the shop and lie down on my bed to sleep. Apparently she is surprised at how relaxed I am at work, considering I am a complete maniac in the yard at home (with Luna) and at the dog parks. Let's hear some stories!!!!!!
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Thanks for joining and posting!! Your story sure is great!!

I was just adopted from a shelter two weeks ago today, and I was a stray. When they found me I was skin and bones (and I still am pretty skinny since I've only been here for two weeks). I'm as affectionate as can be and I'm so happy to be in my fur-ever home. I'm totally spoiled already and I'm such a Momma's boy. I wish that everydog in a shelter or rescue could end up in a home just like mine! Unfortunately it doesn't happen like that very often. frown

Any more stories? I'd love to hear them!
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I'm starting to get round after a year of living in my forever home. I had been living by my wits in a rural area, and was skin and bone before some people took me to a vet. the vet gave me to Grandma, but I decided I wanted to be with Mom. now I'm Mom's service dog in training.

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Wow, what a turn around! I love hearing stories like that! You're looking really good and happy in your fur-ever home. smile
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Jasper is a former foster dog of mine who actually found his home just across the border in Washington. He came from a canadian shelter so he's still a canuck smile

Chester, Belle and Sophie are my resident shelter rescue dogs. Belle's an old grumpy cow, and Chester and Sophie are my agility/obedience dogs.

We still foster dogs, mainly those with behavioural issues. Nothing like a challenge to keep my on my toes!

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My sister and I both were adopted from the THS last year by our mum! Bast was adopted on mum's birthday and me .. well I was adopted cause I -have- the same birthday as my mum. Bast used to be an alley cat that was picked up and had been in the shelter for almost 4 months. Mum got her when she was a year and a bit. Me I was only 2 months old when mum got me so I knew nothing about not having a nice home. Now mum has gone and rescued a kitty from Arizona ! He is arriving tomorrow by a big plane! We are all so excited !
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Oh Loki, how exciting! I bet your family can't wait. I wish your family best of luck with the new kitty!

And Jasper, what a nice human you were fostered with! Mine would love to foster one day when she has the time and energy. It must be such a rewarding experience, but pretty sad too, I imagine. I'm so glad that you found your forever home. smile

long legs, and- crazy
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My mom was going to foster, since Nutmeg passed away and she didn't feel right getting another dog. She was going to Foster, until she met the right puppy. And then she met ME!!!!
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And awww, what a beautiful doggy you are, Daisy! I'm glad that you found a good home!
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Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 6:04pm PST 
Hi, my name is Rowdy. I've gone to the Rainbow Bridge but I'm lookin' out for my Mom and everyone else who rescues Senior dogs.
The humans at that other place used to throw food out the window for me in my little cement yard. I was chained up for years and years, and was getting so depressed; I used to bark all the time but couldn't even lift my head then.
All of a sudden, in the middle of the night and out of nowhere, there was this lady. She undid my chain and took me to another ladies house. This new lady was my Mom! She cried when she saw how dirty and shaky I was. They bathed me (YUCK!), brushed me and fed me good food!
I didn't know living could be so much fun or that people could be so good! Mommy would walk me and brush me and pet me and hug me and feed me treats! Sometimes I'd find little pills in the treats (Mom called them 'glucosamine') and would spit them out, but the treats were good!
I didn't much like sharing Mom with the cats, cuz the other people would hit me if I didn't chase cats in the yard, but I made friends with Ala the white cat. He wasn't so bad...
Mommy took me everywhere; visiting, swimming, even on vacation!
But... As much as I wanted to stay with Mom it was getting so painful to move. I couldn't even get up sometimes, and I was 120lbs!
So Mom took me to the Dr. and though she cried and cried she knew it was time for me to go. I was over 11 after all. Did you know that's over 100 human years for a Dog my size?
I know my Moms angry at those other people, and she still cries when she thinks about me, but she understands that I'm waiting for her with Classy, Omar, Isis, Tinkerbell, King, Whiskey, Puss, Mr. White, and all the other Furbabies she's known.