Dapple Wienies Rule!

Frank N. Furter

Yawn--bed time!
Barked: Tue Oct 10, '06 6:05pm PST 
I was looking at my Frank and some of the other dapples here and I must say...Dapples rule. I can't imagine having a non-dappled dachshund. Thanks for creating this group! Let's hear it for dapples!
Bailey ~~~~

Hugs & thoughts- for all who need- it!!
Barked: Tue Nov 7, '06 6:30pm PST 
Here, here Frank!
Yes, we do rule!
We are special with all our pretty colors! Other doxies are missing out on what we have! (including my spoiled sister, Meadow!)
Hugs & cheese kisses, Bailey

Veni, Vidi,- Fetchedi!
Barked: Tue Nov 21, '06 9:25am PST 
I agree with you guys! I mean, just look at the pictures of the members of this group... We are super-dapply-fragilistic-spotlialidociously cute!!!


Did you say- moof?
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 9:01pm PST 
Dapples...I didn't know we were dapples too but apparently we are. Just in a black and white kind of way. I've seen a red brown mini-dachs and I must admit me and my sister are waaaaaay cuter!!

Barked: Tue Jan 16, '07 5:36pm PST 
Everyone says, "Wow - I've never seen a dachshund like that before!" We are the prettiest doxies there are, without a doubt!