ONLY THREE?????????????

♥ ZOE- ♥

What- Would Cesar- Do?
Barked: Sun Oct 8, '06 7:50pm PST 
I thought at some point we had more than 3 members!!! What happened??? Someone have something against the name Zoe??? HUMFFF!!!
It's the best name there is!!!!!
Princess - Zoe- Robertson

R.I.P- Schitzo
Barked: Sun Oct 8, '06 8:10pm PST 
I thought it was 4 !!! This is the bestest name ever !!!
♥ ZOE- ♥

What- Would Cesar- Do?
Barked: Sun Nov 5, '06 9:04am PST 
there are alot of zoe's out there. i did a search 1229 zoes with all different spellings. i think a see a great recruitment rally coming up.


Gimme some- food!!
Barked: Sun Nov 5, '06 10:40am PST 
The recruitment ralley has begun!!! Welcome to all our new members!! We are all going to have to start using our middle or last names now!! Yeah!!

The tail is a waggin'

Love ya Zoes and Zoeys smile

Jenn and Zoe Bartlett