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the pet company

MIHKOA -goodbye friends-

Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 1:08pm PST 
yup. thats where mihkoa was rescued from. evil place..... tell me how to shut them down and i will. ive tried writing, complaining... getting it on tv. nadda. bleh. I HATE PET SHOPS!!

Ethics Matter!
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 1:31pm PST 
You got her from a pet shop or directly from a mill?

On what basis did you make your complaints, and who did you send them to?

What state was she acquired from? (I'm going to check the laws)

- Ashley
NuNu - {Nubert- Nubinsky}

adopt a shelter- dog!!
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 4:13pm PST 
sad to say my nunu came from a puppy mill i think... i got him from a pet store : ( he was my birthday present for my 18th birthday last year i didnt know about puppy mills at that time but i was so depressed wheni found out...


Ethics Matter!
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 9:03pm PST 

That's okay, not everyone is aware of the realities of pet shop puppies. You've learned though, and that's what counts! Just make sure to spay/neuter and try to keep your pup as healthy as you can!

You should be proud, many people your age don't care enough to learn the truth! Kudos to you for being so mature! smile
NuNu - {Nubert- Nubinsky}

adopt a shelter- dog!!
Barked: Wed Oct 4, '06 6:26pm PST 
this is nunus mom... he is nutered... but dont say the word around him. Thats why im telling you and not him, i hope he dosent read this.........
MIHKOA -goodbye friends-

Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 2:09pm PST 
mihkoa was rescued... flat out from the pet company in upstate NY. Didnt pay a cent for her.... just signed a whole mess of waivers... they are evil.
Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Sat Oct 6, '07 1:26pm PST 
I will never, I repeat NEVER, buy a dog directly from a pet shop. Since all dogs, even pupp miller dogs, deservwe a 2nd chance, I may buy a dog that came from a pupp mill, but only from a shelter or pound or rescue group.

Where are you- going, dont- leave me alone
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '08 7:56am PST 
The problem is that people are not informedcry They see a cute puppy and think i want him!!!! It is kinda sad because the puppy mill puppies did nothing wrong except be born in the wrong place, but you can not buy them because you are supporting puppy mills. Some people even know this but they just look past the truth because they dont want to think about itfrown If you figure out how to stop or try to prevent this tell me too, i really want to put an end to what happens in puppy mills!!!
i am happy frosti is from a breedersmile