The AKC Is Supporting Puppy Mills It Seems


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Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 4:58am PST 
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Thought some of you might care about this....after
promoting the High Volume Breeders business and
getting behind PAWS, the AKC has now outdone itself.
Today at the Delegates meeting, the AKC announced
that the Board has signed a contract with Petland
Discount stores to educate store employees about the
importance of AKC registration. The plan is that
the store will charge the AKC registration fee at the
time of sale and register the puppy on line. My
understanding is that the Board voted 12 to 1 to enter
into this contract. Write, email, call your Board members,
especially contact Dennis Sprung...tell them to activate
the termination clause in the contract...that we, the
constituents and customers of the AKC, do NOT
want the AKC involved in business with a pet shop!


AKC contact info

President Dennis B. Sprung
The American Kennel Club
260 Madison Avenue,
New York, New York 10016

Board emails

Ronald H. Menaker -

Hon David C. Merriam -

Dr. William R. Newman -

Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia -

Dr. Thomas M. Davies -

David Keene -

Mr. Steven D. Gladstone -

Dr. J. Charles Garvin -

Dr. Patricia H. Haines -

Mrs. Nina Schaefer -

Ms. Patricia C. Scully -

Mrs. Patti L. Strand -

Mr. Walter F. Goodman -
Molly, CGC

Oh, you mean- now!
Barked: Thu Oct 19, '06 4:30am PST 
I have often wondered why the AKC doesn't screen those who want to register with them more closely. Every puppy mill, every petstore and backyard breeder advertise "AKC" registered puppies. What does that say about the AKC? Seems anyone can register a dog regardless of breeding or genetic defect.
It is a shame, beause I believe the organization could be pro-active in banning registration of the aforementioned, but I guess money speaks louder than words.
Gray Dawn- Treader

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Barked: Sat Apr 5, '08 4:20pm PST 
AKC is just a registry. Nothing more, nothing less. We need to tell people that just because their dogs are "AKC registered", that doesn't prove that they are a good breeder. Heck, my uncle is registered with them, and he's a BYB.