What brand of dog food you like best?

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Hallelujah- Praise- God"Halle"

Schnauzers Are- Special!
Barked: Mon Aug 25, '08 9:01am PST 
My mom had us eatin Solid Gold for pups lamb and rice. One or more of us usually had smushy poops. Then we changed to Blue Buffalo lamb and rice and now my mom is sooo happeee, cuz we has nice poops now. Don't know why she get excited bout' poops but we can give her all she wants! Try Blue Buffalo and even get $5 coupon.snoopy
HarleyDavids- on THD, CGC

Loved to be- loved
Barked: Sun Sep 7, '08 6:06pm PST 
My sister and I eat Natural Balance Premium. Yum,Yumsnoopysnoopysnoopy

I love to learn- new tricks :)
Barked: Wed Sep 10, '08 9:01am PST 
My mom feeds me Natural Balance Premium. I love it...yummy! snoopy

Zeus God of War

Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 8:37am PST 
my mommy feeds me pedigree puppy food

Bark Composer
Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 8:40am PST 
Solid Gold has the most nutrition for any dog food, but I don't like it, so my owners spread Wellness Supplement on it so it tastes better =)

Psst...A little birdy (Or rather, magazine) told my owners that Royal Canin made a special Mini Schnauzer food for 10 months or older. frown Too bad I'm not old enough...

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